E Peek Pahani New Version - 2 Download

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  1. Pratik Madhukarrao Ajmire says:

    After installation of Version 2 of this app, I am unable to login with my previous credentioal as select user box got disable and not showing my credential/user name.
    To Bypass this, I tried to create new login but it throwing error as : Your login is already created and requeted information is already submited.

    If you need any further information regarding this app and issue occers during using this app, pls contact on my No:

    Note: I will abailble to talk with technical team and developer team of this app so Farmers pls avoid to connect because I am not an employee of helpline desk of this app. So sorry for that.

    1. भाऊ तुम्ही मोबाईल मधले सगळे ॲप काढून टाका आणि मी या वेबसाईट वर खाली लिंक दिली आहे फक्त तेच ॲप इंस्टॉल करा तुमचं काम होईल.

  2. Vishnu dashrath pawar says:

    I want to open a app

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